How Pain Works and How to tackle it

Pain in the body is a clear indication that something is wrong. If acute pain is left unmanaged, it can adverse to chronic pain. Though there are many of conditions that causes pain, some of the most common conditions that will cause pain include.

Nerve damage (neuropathy)


Multiple sclerosis

Low back pain

Arthritis, especially osteoarthritis

Women will also experience pain during menstruation period.

Muscle cramps.

If you suffer pain, here are some of the best ways you can manage pain.


One of the best and simplest way to manage back pain and muscle cramp pain is through moderate- low intensity exercises. Exercise will naturally warm up muscles and limber up cartilages and tendons that usually causes muscle cramps and back pain.

The secret in easing pain through exercise is to streamline your joints and tendons, get your body warm limber and relaxed. You should avoid straining your body in anyway, these can cause muscle strain which causes more pain.

Massage and yoga.

Massage can be excellent pain treatment, especially when performed by a specialist. Yoga is excellent because it will take you through significant motions of physical exercise without putting more pressure on your back and muscles.


Correct diet will help to treat pain. Foods such as turmeric, ginger, and other food rich in calcium and vitamin C will help to treat pain. Vitamin C and calcium have ant-inflammatory properties, and regular use will ease and at times may actually treat pain.


Another way you can deal with pain that arises from depression is through counselling. Counselling will assist to determine how deeply you are affected and also teach you on how you can cope with pain.


Medication should be the last option to treat pain, for example, 80% of back pains has to do with your daily routine. Adjusting your routine is actually the best way to treat such conditions. Even if you use painkillers or muscle relaxant to get rid of the pain, it will get back the moment you get back to your bad habit or when medication wears off.

There are variety of painkillers, for instance, anti-inflammatory painkillers are used to treat painful periods, sprain, arthritis and other painful condition. If you are buy painkiller online, for example, if you buy tramadol online, you should ensure you adhere to the correct dosage.

Nevertheless, for those suffering chronic pain, medications can help by boosting serotonin level thus improving mood and outlook.

One of the side effects of pain medication is that some are highly addictive. Advisably, when you buy tramadol online, from the dealer you should know if it can be addictive or if prolonged use can cause permanent damage to the liver and kidney.


Hot water bottles or hot bath is another way you can completely get your body relaxed. Ensure you don’t expose painful areas to extreme temperatures, especially if you have an open wound or inflamed joint.

If you suffer inflammations, it is good to use an ice pack to ease pain.

These are some of the best way you can manage pain.